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4 Things You Can Do in Rose Garden Bathinda


Planning to visit Rose Garden Bathinda? It’s one of the oldest, now, renovated and much better, place to hangout in Bathinda. In the evening or early morning, you can visit this place and indulge in a lot of activities as mentioned below. Why not afternoon? Well, it’s open but in summers, it’s very hot. The place is mostly open with barely any shed or roofs to cover you while you’re walking around, which is why you should restrict yourself from visiting this place during the midday. Go in the morning or evening.

Note that entry to Rose garden is free of cost. Parking fees is also nominal.

Rose garden bathinda
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  1. Morning Exercise

Rose Garden Bathinda is a very popular place for people who like to walk in the early morning. The place is full of walking paths and lots of greenery, making it a perfect place for a morning walks. The Rose Garden also has an open gym. There are equipment installed there, like cross walk, lat pulldown machine, twister etc, which you can use to get your daily dose of exercise.You can use this free of cost.

2. Fun Activities For Kids

Inside the Rose Garden Bathinda, you’ll find Appu Ghar. It’s a small park for kids with lots of rides – pendulum, train, etc. You can get tokens right outside Appu Ghar and enjoy these rides. It’s very good to make the kids happy.

Rose garden bathinda

3. Ice-cream and fast food from the canteen

Rose garden also has a small canteen where you can grab a bite. I won’t say it’s huge and perfect but for that one bite of ice-cream while you explore the place, it’s a good eat out place. They have benches installed there. So, you can sit there, eat and talk.

4. Walk around nature

If you’re the kind who likes to sit in close proximity to nature and think, it’s a perfect place. It’s a pretty big place full of greenery and you can just sit and enjoy the environment, or talk to your best friend while munching on some snacks. Isn’t that awesome?

These are the top four things you can do in Rose Garden Bathinda. It’s a nice place to hangout in the city of lakes – Bathinda. Do visit Rose Garden and let me know about your thoughts about this place. Comment below.


Manpreet Kaur

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