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Is Bathinda A Developed City?


What’s the answer that comes to your mind when somebody asks you, “Is Bathinda a developed city?” I’m sure the answer is NO.

Think again! In this post, I am going to list down some things that will certainly make you think again. It’s true that calling any city in India, a developed city, is tough but I want you to still have the better perspective on the development of Bathinda city. Keep reading.

is bathinda a developed city?

Bathinda – a city of major industries and projects

  1. Guru Gobind Singh Refinery (GGSR)

One of the major projects that facelifted the city is this joint venture between HPCL and Mittal Energy Limited. The refinery construction began in 2008 and it became operational in 2012 with an annual capacity of 9 Million tons.

Built in $4 billion (USD), the refinery will import oil from Gujarat through a 1017 km long pipeline.

What’s notable here is the kind of crowd this single project will bring in and the employment it will provide to the people of the district.

2. NH-64 – Connecting Bathinda with major cities of Punjab

Is Bathinda  a developed city ? The answer can be very much assumed from how well it is connected to other major cities. A few years back, you would need to travel along a dangerously small road that connected Bathinda with Patiala and Zirakpur – all the way to Chandigarh. It would take about five hours to reach Chandigarh.

Now? The NH-64 is a four-lane road which has reduced the time to travel to Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab and Haryana, by almost one hour. The driving experience makes you feel as if you’re driving in a big city like Gurgaon or Noida.

3. Bathinda Airport

How many cities in Punjab have an airport? Bathinda has one. Bathinda airport works as a civil enclave of the Bhisiana air force station and currently, it has flights to and from Delhi three times a week.

According to recent news, flights to and from Jammu are also going to start very soon.

4. Bathinda AIIMS

Another major project coming up in Bathinda is AIIMS. The medical institute will be set up in the city and will also have seats for medical students.

Bathinda is already a top city of Punjab when it comes to medical facilities. There are so many good hospitals and best doctors in the Bathinda city already. AIIMS would just make it better.

5. Bathinda Junction

With seven routes,Bathinda junction is a major hub of railway activities. It comes second after Mathura railway station in terms of number of routes.

More Awesome Facts About Bathinda

  1. Like some of the biggest cities of the country, Bathinda has a local bus service.
  2. It has malls and many top brands available, which are not usually there in normal cities of the state.
  3. There’s central university of Punjab in bathinda. Bathinda has a medical as well as engineering college. It’s also a major hub for students preparing for IIT-JEE or AIPMT. It’s quite advanced as far as educational facilities are concerned.

There you go! Aren’t you already rethinking your views about ‘Is Bathinda a developed city’?

I am sure you can add some more awesome facts about Bathinda city that make people of Bathinda very proud of it. Tell me in the comments and I’ll add it to the post with proper credits!


Manpreet Kaur

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