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Joggers Park Bathinda

Can you believe it? There’s a joggers park in Bathinda. It’s like a place you wouldn’t believe it exists in Bathinda.

Where: Near rose garden, bathinda.

When: You can go anytime, best time is early morning and evening.

What’s so special about Joggers Park Bathinda?

First of all,


Your friends won’t be able to believe it’s in Bathinda. I haven’t seen such a beautiful joggers park even in Chandigarh.

The park has two tracks

  1. For joggers
  2. For cyclists

You can borrow cycles from the park authorities, there’s a membership fee of Rs. 200 for that or you can just walk in or ride in with your own bicycle. There’s parking for cars and vehicles at the entry (paid), so you can just drive there, park your vehicle and walk into the picturesque joggers park in bathinda.


There are lots of beautiful plants planted throughout the park. The trees make more of a canopy on the track to shield you from the hot sun. There are grasslands sort of things, you can sit there and even enjoy a lunch. Just keep it clean, the place is squaeky clean and unless some idiots decide to ruin it, it would stay like that. Keep it like that.

There are several benches for you to sit, makes it even better.

It has Lakes

There are, I guess, three small lakes around which tracks have been built. Lakes are just for the view, I guess. Honestly, it’s hard to find out information about places in Bathinda. Internet has barely any information. But obviously, I’m working towards changing that.

Bad things about the place?

  1. Pets not allowed: I called the authorities of Joggers park and they said dogs aren’t allowed. Disappointing. Can we petition that, please?
  2. High photography charges: There’s that ridiculous Rs. 1000 photography charge all the public places like this have in the city. I mean, why? Like have you gone to delhi? Even there, where they have astonishingly beautiful monuments, the photography charges are like Rs. 100-200 and they have this Rs. 1000 charge in a city like bathinda!

Anyway, that’s all the information I could gather in one visit to joggers park bathinda. Do you think I missed something? Let me know in the comments down below!



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