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Top 6 Gyms In Bathinda For The Fitter You


Are you the fitness freak? You must be looking for your holy grail – gyms in bathinda, then. If you recently moved to the city or you got the realization that you need to get fit for your own sake, you might be looking for some of the best gyms in the city.

Let me tell you which ones are the best!

  1. Best Gyms in Bathinda – Gymka/Jymka

Located in hotel Krishna Continental, it’s the city’s favorite. Opened just a year back, the gym has all the new equipment that looks good – to your eyes and on your body.

The gym has actually stolen business of many top gyms in Bathinda, without making an effort. It’s so good. People see it once and cannot go anywhere else.

best gyms in bathinda

There are two types of subscription you can sign up here – Gymka which is your usual gym with cardio and strength training equipment and Jymka which are the group classes started by the gym ┬ámanagement. You can also find the ApnaBathinda admin working out in the gym. If you ever recognize me, say ‘hi’.

2. The Gold’s Gym

Well, they have got the name and the reputation. They did what Gymka is doing right now, when they opened up. The craze withered away and many people find them expensive and overrated now.

But the real fans never betray. So, the fans of the Gold’s gym franchise still hangout at the Gold’s gym.

3. Dhillon’s Gym

Another best of the gyms in Bathinda is the Dhillon’s gym. Good equipment, good trainers and good crowd – that’s what defines Dhillon’s gym.

4. Energy Gym

Well, all the city aunties who need some gossip in their lives in name of fitness come here ­čśŤ

They recently upgraded a bit of their equipment and it’s overall a good gym located in the mid of the city.

5. Pro-Fitness Gym

Another gym that’s recommended by many is the pro-fitness gym, located at Amrik Singh Road. The gym is again an oldie that is loved by many. It has good trainers and offers great results.

6. Fitness World

Located on 100 ft. road, Fitness world is at the prime location if their target audience is lots of young kids who want to get fit. Mind you! It’s not allowed to do gymming if you’re below 18.

Fitness world gym is actually situated above the otherwise fitness equipment store. The gym has had results of reducing 22 kgs in one month. While I seriously doubt if losing that much weight in one month is healthy, I still wanted you to have all the information I can get my hands on.

There you go! These are the top gyms in bathinda at the moment.

Know a really good gym that’s not in the list? Comment below! Don’t forget to tell why.


Manpreet Kaur


  1. gagan
    November 27, 2018 at 4:11 am

    FPHC – Fitness paradise health Center. I have personally been to that gym. Trainers give personal attention to their clients and their results are excellent.

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