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What To Do At Lake View Boating Park Bathinda


Looking for a place to chill out in Bathinda? How about a place with entertainment options for kids, food options and some fun water sports, topped with the very beautiful and scenic lake and thermal plants?

If you’re visiting Bathinda and you want a place to hangout, you should check lake view boating park, Bathinda.

What is Lake view boating park, Bathinda?

It’s a sort of entertainment hub for nature and adventure lovers of the city. At lake view boating park, Bathinda, you have some really good options to spend a good day.

Whether you want to go on a date or you have a whole family to entertainment, the place can be a good option.

Bathinda has several man-made lakes which were used along with thermal plants. Now that thermal plants are no longer functional, these lakes are open for public use. One of such lakes is lake number three which is big enough for hosting boating activities.

It is said that a footbridge is also proposed that will be built between lake 2 and 3, making it even lucrative option for visitors and tourists. The status of that is currently unknown, at the time of writing this post.

Address: Lake no. 3, G.T. Road
Bathinda, India 151003

Timings: 9 am – 7 pm. 

What to do at Lake view boating park, Bathinda?

Lakeview Bathinda | Apna Bathinda

  1. Boating options – There are several water sports options – paragliding, boating and the list goes on and on. With nominal prices, you can sail in the Bathinda lake and enjoy the water sports.
  2. Entertainment park for the kids – If you keep moving in the inside of the Lakeview Bathinda, you will find the entertainment park with lots of swings to entertain the young kids.
  3. Food canteen – There’s a food canteen where you can grab a bite and indulge in some chit-chat.
  4. Scenic beauty – Lake view boating park, Bathinda is also a good place to just take a walk. Imagine walking on the bank of a lake early morning! It’s awesome. There are also benches where you can just sit and take in the beauty of the nature.

Lakeview bathinda will make you realize how beautiful the city of lakes is. Do check out this place if you are looking for a place to hangout in Bathinda.


Manpreet Kaur

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